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Other posts essentially.

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Writing pieces I have updated for numerous installments.


I’ve always been immeasurably invested in developing unique universes,

both in my artwork and writing. With so much time and potential currently

available I decided to throw together this website in order to post my work

and hopefully garner both support and criticism, improving along the way.


It’s what I wanna do.

My Work

I focus mainly on fictional short stories containing heavy worldbuilding.

Recent Uploads

Recently created, very far from flawless, pieces.

Night of the Brick

-A true story- ____________ He remembered how it started. The disease that infested the mind, slathered and crawled, twisting forth from a gorgon of hell. Regurgitated upwards from the pits of despair, hardened lips tasting Read more…

Starship Terror

Part 1 (The delivery) Keith’s heavy eyelids lazily parted; an overhead sea of white blinding his vision. This roof… isn’t… familiar… he pondered; his foggy mind failing to grasp a coherent train of thought. Then Read more…

Spoonful of Justice

Sharp wind swept over the cutting heights of an urban megacomplex. Towering skyscrapers tore into a clouded skyline overhead as streetlights flickered to life, illuminating a hopeless maze of back alleys, the product of incompetent Read more…

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