• Those Who Embrace Minasrith
    Whew, took quite a while to get something new out. University is definitely becoming quite the struggle. Main question of this story – “utopian dystopia?” (Version 4 of the story) A law had been all it took to alter time forever. As Orion, the self-learning, limitless and infinitely-growing simulation of […]
  • Night of the Brick
    -A true story- ____________ He remembered how it started. The disease that infested the mind, slathered and crawled, twisting forth from a gorgon of hell. Regurgitated upwards from the pits of despair, hardened lips tasting the fervent cerebrum of thought. Taken was he, so quickly. A sickness, undeniable, impalpable, horrific […]
  • Starship Terror
    Part 1 (The delivery) Keith’s heavy eyelids lazily parted; an overhead sea of white blinding his vision. This roof… isn’t… familiar… he pondered; his foggy mind failing to grasp a coherent train of thought. Then the expanse came into focus. A shattered fluorescent bulb dangling from exposed wire, a drywall […]
  • Spoonful of Justice
    Sharp wind swept over the cutting heights of an urban megacomplex. Towering skyscrapers tore into a clouded skyline overhead as streetlights flickered to life, illuminating a hopeless maze of back alleys, the product of incompetent urban planning. Across a heavily concealed city gouge in particular a shadowed figure shot, form […]
  • The Garden of Glass
    I recall all those summers ago, summers ripe as this, seasons upon which I and my sister would prance amidst the flowering daisies of our grandparent’s oriental flat. We would roll through the grass, plucking wildflowers by the dozens as I prevented Jane from touching every petunia she came across, […]
  • Voids Embrace
    Wow, I actually really like how this one turned out despite me coming up with the idea on the spot and violently writing it. Enjoy! ________________ When the second sun died, it dipped towards the worlds, engulfing our empire in a void of darkness. The fringe worlds faded one by […]
  • The City
    The city sat amidst tumbling sand and decaying rock. Its stature and purpose concealed from those who mulled amidst its towering wrought metal. And the towers watched, a silent mother, dictator over its whole. From end to end, projected upon a basalt desert of endless neglect. Those who struck out […]
  • Trails End
    Had this idea with my dad. I am pretty happy how the story came out, albeit a bit short and a bit light on the tidbits I wanted our characters to discuss. All in all, it culminates at a point I aimed to reach. Enjoy! ________________ Tires crunched across loose […]
  • Galactic Mandate 0001146
      / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / […]
  • Karate Kayak
    All right, explanation time. This story is a mix of quite a few things. Originally something me and my dad came up with on a kayak trip, it was further inspired by Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fury. Although, in essence, I really just wanted to see how seriously I […]
  • A Productive Day
    So, some back story. I watched a documentary on slugs. I also wanted to write a strange story which started with a unique perspective. Not much past that, enjoy! ___________________ Load bearing, towering metal; a tedium of tailends passing through rich, muddled blue. Levels rose in its reflective embrace, a […]